Spelling Shed.

Manatees will have come home this week with their individual logins for Spelling Shed. We have used them today in school and had so much fun on the games, we even had a class tournament (great work Skye-Louise for coming top place today!). The way all the Manatees were encouraging each other and cheering for our fastest children was fantastic, what a fabulous team!

Log on at home to practise this weeks spellings and hopefully we can get the iPads for another class tournament next week!


30 Days Wild!

Everyday in the month of June, the Manatees have been challenged to do 1 random act of wildness!

All ready we have completed 7 acts as a team (Arthur discovered a new talent in daisy chain making!). We are completing it together but don’t forget Manatees that you also have your individual sheets to fill in yourself if you would like to achieve your second sticker at the end!

There is more information if you follow the link below.


Taking care of Rocket!

This week Manatee Class have had a temporary lodger with silky smooth fur, beady eyes and two cute little ears. We have been taking care of Rocket the hamster for Flamingo Class this week while they have focussed on their important tests. The care and compassion the children have shown Rocket during his stay with us has been lovely to see. He has made a class full of new friends and Mrs Martin has told me that she would be happy for Rocket to take a holiday with us anytime!

Creating our Scutum!

Manatees have been working really hard this term recreating their very own Roman shields, otherwise known as Scutum. We even managed to fit in a little practise getting into battle formations with Mr Rankin and Tiger class! With all our knowledge and experience we have created some fabulous battle scene setting descriptions which are now displayed proudly in our classroom. Great fun has been had by all!