World Book Day!

There were some unusual looking characters in class today! Who can you spot?

Well done to all that took part in our World Book Day hat event, I was so impressed with the time and effort that was clearly given, the hats were spectacular!


Collecting Data!

In computing this half-term we will be working on Microsoft Excel inputting data into spreadsheets. We are super excited to be using our fabulous new chrome books which we are just getting used to! We have though carefully about the data we want to collect and chosen our own questions. Here we are conducting our surveys, I would never have guessed that the most popular ice cream flavour in Manatee Class is mint choc chip! What did you find out from your survey?

On another note, can you spot our fabulous gingerbread house in the background of our photos?! We worked as a team to recreate this icon from Grimm’s Hansel and Gretal, to go along with our new topic ‘Why did Germany inspire so many fairytales?’


George was chosen for golden book this week. He has been an absolute superstar for as long as he’s been in my class. George’s grit and determination have secured him amazing progress this year already and he is a particularly talented historian and scientist. George you are an amazing friend and role model to all in Manatee class, we are so lucky to have you!

We also celebrated with Theo today who achieved this trophy in his out of school football club. I’m not surprised as I know what a talented athlete Theo is from his amazing sprinting skills in PE this week! Well done Theo!

Awful Egyptians!

Yesterdays trip to the Nottingham Theatre Royal was a wonderful success. The children did us proud with their fantastic behaviour throughout! We all enjoyed the show, were amazed by the 3D effects and took part in a little audience participation! Well done Year 3!

What a wonderful half term itโ€™s been!

Manatee class have been really engaged in their learning about Ancient Egypt and we have all thoroughly enjoyed it. They have produced some wonderful work across the curriculum that has been proudly on display in our classroom!

Have a wonderful and well deserved week off Manatee class and I look forward to seeing you back at school on the 25th for our new topic looking at how Germany inspired so many fairy tales.

Miss Barlow ๐Ÿ™‚

Ancient Egyptian Ritual Dance.

This week in PE we looked at an ancient Egyptian dance and had a go at recreating some of the moves. Then in groups we worked together to make our own routines that incorporated what we had learned.

There has been a lot of teamwork opportunity this week in Manatee Class in various lessons and the children have blown me away with their kindness and respect for each other. What an amazing team :)!